Is there a release of Chapter 2 chapter 3 in the overseas version?

I am very sorry,
There are no plans to release chapters 2 and 3 in the overseas version application.

Can I transfer game data?

In the current application EGGLIA: Legend of Redcap Offline, there is no way to move saved data.
Excuse me, but thank you for your understanding.

How do I restore my purchase information?

An additional content can be restored from the Restore button on the title screen.
However, please note that your saved data will be lost when you uninstall the app.

The app, EGGLIA:Legend of Redcap Offline, is different from the previous app, EGGLIA:Legend of Redcap. So the purchased data from the previous app can not be restored in the app.

Thank you for your understanding.

Why haven't I received a response to my inquiry yet?

We’re very sorry for the wait. Could you please send us your inquiry again, along with the date you sent it and other pertinent details?


Once you have sent an inquiry, you should receive an automatic response from our address.


If you have not received this response, please check your email account settings and make sure that you are able to receive emails from “”.

What are the best devices for playing Egglia?

iOS System Requirements
OS: iOS 8.0 or later
Free Space: 700MB



Android System Requirements
OS: Android 5.0 or later
Free Space: 350MB

Official Twitter and Official Site

These official accounts are the first place we post maintenance news and update information (and sometimes, information you won’t find anywhere else). We hope you’ll follow or bookmark them.


◆Official Twitter

(Official) Egglia – Legend of The Redcap


◆Official Site

Egglia – Legend of The Redcap


If you would like to contact us with thoughts, requests, or bug reports, we ask that you please do so through the contact info page in-game and on our official site.
We respectfully decline to answer any questions about tips or strategies.。

I accidentally uninstalled the app. What do I do?

Unfortunately, when Egglia is deleted from your device, your game data is deleted along with it.
(Before switching to a new device, please make sure to ready your game data for migration by issuing a passkey and password on your current device.)

Can I play Egglia even if I don't have a recommended device?

We are very sorry, but we cannot guarantee that Egglia will operate properly on a device that does not meet the system requirements, even if you were able to successfully install it.
Please be aware that we do not offer refunds for purchases made on unsupported devices, even if you have become unable to continue playing the game.

Where do I go to send questions or report bugs?

You can contact us by going to “Contact Info” from the help menu, or by visiting the contact page on our official website.

What's the highest level the protagonist can reach? What about spirits?

◆The protagonist’s max level is 150.


◆Spirit max levels vary by each spirit’s type and evolution stage.


◇Max Levels Before Evolving
①Bronze → Level 40
②Silver → Level 50
③Gold → Level 60


After evolving, each spirit’s level maxes out at 100.
(If you max out a spirit’s level at each stage of their evolution, a secret entry will open up in that spirit’s Eggpedia section.)