I want to create more kinds of furniture!

You will need to help the Iagan and Yergan expand their workshop. Talk to them, and they will assign you the quests you need to help them expand.

I want to make my home and my residents' homes bigger!

You will need to help the Dunkel expand first. Talk to him, and he will assign you the quests you need to help expand.

Official Twitter and Official Site

These official accounts are the first place we post maintenance news and update information (and sometimes, information you won’t find anywhere else). We hope you’ll follow or bookmark them.


◆Official Twitter

(Official) Egglia – Legend of The Redcap


◆Official Site

Egglia – Legend of The Redcap


If you would like to contact us with thoughts, requests, or bug reports, we ask that you please do so through the contact info page in-game and on our official site.
We respectfully decline to answer any questions about tips or strategies.。

Can I post to Twitter?

If you tap the camera button when the upper status bar is visible, you can take a screenshot and save it to your device.
Furthermore, if you link Egglia to Twitter, you will be able to post to it straight from the app.

How do I rewatch a story scene or spirit talk?

These can be rewatched from the quest menu or Eggpedia.

How can I see larger images of the characters and monsters?

You can find larger images in the residents menu and Eggpedia.

How do I get more money?

Try selling items you don’t need.
The gold logs you can find at Event Isle fetch especially good prices.

I can't enter a stage because my resident's morale isn't high enough.

You aren’t required to bring a resident with you into a stage, so try removing that resident from your lineup. Each resident’s morale can be replenished by using a species-appropriate elixir (for example, if the resident is a Brownie, use a Brownie Elixir). You can get elixirs by doing favors for residents or by completing missions.

How do I move a land?

Tap the egg icon on the world map,
then tap the “Move” button. Select the land you want to move, then tap the location where you would like to move it. If there is another land already there, the two lands will switch places.

Moving a land uses up a single egg shell.

How do I reduce the time it takes to make something?

While making something, you can tap the clock icon while the time is displayed and use a tick-tock to cut its time by 30 minutes.
(In the event that the remaining time is already less than 30 minutes, the excess time reduction is not carried over.)