When are the "???" cards in my collection going to be unlocked?

These cards will be unlocked as you progress through the story and complete other collection cards.

What do I do when I can't get a spirit to evolve?

・Is the spirit at its max pre-evolution level?
・Do you have enough jewels?
・Do you have enough coins?
Try double-checking the spirit’s level, your coins, and your jewels.

I can't get past a difficult stage. What should I do?

As long as you can make it to a stage’s clear space, you don’t need to defeat all the monsters within that stage in order to beat it. If you still find it difficult to beat a stage, try changing your spirit lineup or going back to previous stages and leveling up.

Can I change the name of my protagonist or town?

Yes, you can change both from the “My Card” section in the Friends menu. You can also change your protagonist’s name from the status menu, and the name of your town from the map menu.

I accidentally uninstalled the app. What do I do?

Unfortunately, when Egglia is deleted from your device, your game data is deleted along with it.
(Before switching to a new device, please make sure to ready your game data for migration by issuing a passkey and password on your current device.)

Can I play Egglia even if I don't have a recommended device?

We are very sorry, but we cannot guarantee that Egglia will operate properly on a device that does not meet the system requirements, even if you were able to successfully install it.
Please be aware that we do not offer refunds for purchases made on unsupported devices, even if you have become unable to continue playing the game.

Where do I go to send questions or report bugs?

You can contact us by going to “Contact Info” from the help menu, or by visiting the contact page on our official website.

Why can't I enter Event Isle?

Once Event Isle has been unlocked, it will re-lock itself after 30 minutes. In addition, if the date changes while it is unlocked, it will also re-lock, even if it’s been less than 30 minutes.
If you want to re-unlock Event Isle, tap the “Re-Unlock” button and use a special key, and you’ll be able to enter Event Isle again for another 30 minutes.

What is Event Isle?

Event Isle is a special land that you can only visit for 30 minutes a day. It changes depending on the day of the week, so make sure to visit it on days when it has the kind of items you want.


◆Event Isle’s Schedule
①Monday (Isle of Darkness)Shadow buds/seeds
②Tuesday (Isle of Flame)Fire buds/seeds
③Wednesday (Isle of Water)Water buds/seeds
④Thursday (Isle of Wind)Wind buds/seeds
⑤Friday (Isle of Light)Light buds/seeds
⑥Saturday (Isle of Silver)All buds (and a higher chance of finding Metalkins)
⑦Sunday (Isle of Gold)All seeds (and a higher chance of finding Goldkins)


Event Isle will be relocked once 30 minutes have passed since unlocking it, or once the date changes. You can unlock it again by tapping the “Re-Unlock” button and using a special key, or you can just wait for the date to change.

Why can I no longer give gifts to my residents?

You can only give one gift to residents per day. Be patient and wait for tomorrow.