How do I stop a battle once it's begun?

Tap the “Retire” button on the side menu while in a stage to abandon your current adventure and return to the world map. Please note that this is effectively the same as a game over, and will result in the loss of all the items and EXP you have collected in that stage.

Can I continue where I left off if I get a game over?

No, you cannot continue from a game over. You will need to enter that stage again and start over from the beginning.


Game overs occur when the protagonist’s HP drops to 0, and when you run out of turns. Not only do they require you to start the current stage over from the beginning, they also cause you to lose all the items and EXP you had gathered since beginning that stage, so do your best to avoid them.

I can't clear a stage because monsters are blocking the way. What do I do?

As you keep taking turns, monsters will start to appear from holes around the stage. These holes can be attacked just like monsters, so try to destroy them as soon as you can.

Sometimes the number of treasure chests increases. What makes that happen?

Sometimes you will get lucky and additional treasure chests will appear in a stage, but the chances of this happening are random. In addition, the contents of previously opened treasure chests will be replenished the next time you visit that stage.

What does the number of turns shown on a stage mean?

Each stage has a maximum number of turns. This number is shown briefly at the start of a turn, and is also constantly displayed at the bottom-right of the screen.


If you reach the stage’s turn limit, the protagonist will lose all his HP and the game will be over. Once there are only 10 turns remaining, the number of turns will be shown in red. When that happens, you should try and hurry to the “Clear” space before your turns run out.


Once the protagonist takes an action, like waiting, attacking, using a rune, or opening a treasure chest, his turn will end and the monsters will take their own turn.

How does the battle system work?

◆Advancing Spaces and Using Dice
Every turn begins with a dice roll. The number you roll determines how far the protagonist can move and how strong his attacks will be. Every time he moves a space, the number you rolled will decrease by 1. If a tree or enemy is within attack range, you can tap on it to attack it.


◆”Next” Space
Lets you advance to the next floor.
Once you advance, you cannot return to an earlier floor for the duration of that stage.


◆”Clear” Space
Marks the end of the stage. You can find either a “Next” or “Clear” space somewhere on every floor.


You do not have to defeat every monster within a stage in order to clear the stage. Once you have achieved your goal, or when you’re in trouble, there is nothing wrong with running away to fight another day.

What are runes?

Runes are active skills you can use by bringing spirits with you on the field. All spirits possess two kinds of runes: assault runes, and support runes. The type of rune the spirit has changes depending on the slot you put them in.


①Assault Runes
These runes can be used by setting a spirit to the assault slot. They raise your HP and attack, and let you use attack spells that deal damage to enemies.


②Support Runes
These runes can be used by setting spirit to the support slot. They raise your HP and defense, and let you use support spells that can assist you in numerous ways.


Runes require mana to use, and each rune requires a different amount. Mana is automatically replenished by 1 point on every turn, up to a maximum of 10. Mana can also be replenished by stopping on a mana space.


◆Rune Level
Indicates a rune’s strength. You can give spirits a potato they like to raise a rune’s EXP by 1 point, and once a rune reaches 3 EXP, its level will increase by 1. Raising a rune’s level decreases the amount of mana it requires, makes it more powerful, and increases its chances of inflicting status ailments.
All runes max out at level 5.


◆Link Runes
Link Runes are passive skills that are activated by using certain spirits together. You can see which spirits go together by checking a spirit’s information. Unlike normal runes, Link Runes do not require mana, and their effects are generally constant. Except for effects that trigger “when near death,” these effects are treated as default values instead of as temporary buffs.


◇Runes That Control Dice Rolls
Support rune effects can temporarily overwrite the fixed effects of Link Runes.

What's the highest level the protagonist can reach? What about spirits?

◆The protagonist’s max level is 150.


◆Spirit max levels vary by each spirit’s type and evolution stage.


◇Max Levels Before Evolving
①Bronze → Level 40
②Silver → Level 50
③Gold → Level 60


After evolving, each spirit’s level maxes out at 100.
(If you max out a spirit’s level at each stage of their evolution, a secret entry will open up in that spirit’s Eggpedia section.)

I cracked open an egg, and a new stage appeared. What's going on?

Congratulations! You have discovered a secret stage. This only happens when certain lands are placed next to each other. Secret stages will disappear if you separate these lands, but you can always bring them back by placing the lands side by side again. Try using egg shells to move lands around and see what special combinations you can discover.

How do I check my quests?

You can see the quests you have accepted by tapping the “Menu” icon and tapping “Quests”


Shows the quests you have already completed.

Shows the quests you have yet to complete.