What is "friendship"?

In Egglia, friendship indicates how close you are to a given resident. Friendship levels can be raised through all sorts of actions, including talking, giving gifts, and fulfilling requests. Raising a resident’s friendship level also increases their skill’s potency and reveals more information about them in their profile, accessable from the “Residents” menu.


◆Friendship Levels

0. Acquaintances
1. Partners
2. Friends
3. Buddies
4. Close Friends
5. Best Friends
…and even higher?

To see how far your friendships can go, you’ll need to raise them yourself!

How do I get the residents in my town to like me?

Talking to people in town lets you perform a number of different actions.


◆Listen to Requests
Tap the “Request” speech bubble after talking to a resident, and they will ask you to bring them an item or piece of furniture. If you grant their request, you will receive EXP and your friendship with that resident will go up, leading them to give you an item in return. You can check which items each resident wants from the “Residents” menu by tapping the speech bubble next to their character portrait.


◆Give Gifts
Tap the “Gift” speech bubble after talking to a resident to give them treasure. The more they like the treasure you give them, the more their friendship with you will go up. Each resident prefers a different kind of treasure, so try giving them different types to find the one they like best. Once your friendship level with a resident goes up, their favorite treasure will be shown on the “Residents” menu.
(After giving a gift, you must wait 1 day before you can give another one.)

What do I do once I get an egg?

Once you get a niebel egg, try going to the world map and cracking it open. You can do this by tapping the egg icon on the right side of the screen, then tap “Place” to select an egg. Eggs can only be cracked open next to lands that have already been placed.


Once the egg has been cracked open, try exploring the new land, completing its quests, and seeing what new friends you can make.