Upon entering the world of Egglia you will find it quite empty, like a storybook without pictures. But with your help you can regrow Egglia. Start a town and build houses to attract new residents, and before long, your story will be bursting from the pages with colorful pictures!

Spend your time in Egglia the way you want, it’s yours to explore! From befriending the various residents of you town and helping them with requests, to traversing new lands that were once sealed away and discovering new materials and new friends, there are countless things to do!

Don’t forget to make a room for yourself too! Whether it be a cozy rustic bedroom or a tropical island getaway, it’s yours to design! You never know what happy surprises you’ll find in the land of Egglia.

Long ago Egglia was a place of peace where everyone lived together happily. That is, until the day it was broken to countless fragments and sealed away inside mysterious eggs. Maybe you should check with your town residents to see if they’ve found any? They might be willing to share if you help them out! Or, you could find them the old-fashioned way by exploring and completing quests.

  • Each egg is unique so make sure to find them!

  • Help those you meet on your adventures and maybe you’ll receive an egg!

  • As you grow Egglia you’ll meet a colorful cast of characters who can help you explore new lands!

Go to the world map to crack open an egg and release the land it holds. Each egg contains a unique environment! Some have lush forests, others sapphire lakes, there’s even one with a whole ocean. Choose wisely where these lands should rest in Egglia as some will unlock secret areas if they’re next to each other. You can rearrange them after you’ve placed them, so make sure to try different combinations!

  • You’ll start off with a single land unlocked...

  • but the more eggs you find, the bigger your map will grow!

Discover castles made of candy and mystical places floating in the sky! Each land contains its own wildlife and vegetation to fight collect. Explore these places with a roll of the dice! The larger the number the more you can move and the stronger your attacks are. However, rolling smaller numbers are nice for picking up materials and enjoying the view. You can find different materials in each land so make sure to thoroughly explore new locations!

  • Egglia's dice-based battle system is easy to learn, but hard to master!

  • Bring residents from your town along with you to help you gather materials! Certain residents are better at gathering specific materials so make sure to learn their talents.

  • Spirits also make for excellent traveling companions.

Turn your tiny village into a bustling town by completing quests and uncovering more lands. Be on the look out for all sorts of interesting characters! Some may even start businesses like a general store and a furniture workshop.

  • As your town grows, some of its residents may choose to open up shops.

  • Choose from different house styles and arrange them to make your town uniquely yours!

  • Want a town full of mushroom houses? You can do that!