Is there a release of Chapter 2 chapter 3 in the overseas version?

I am very sorry,
There are no plans to release chapters 2 and 3 in the overseas version application.

Can I transfer game data?

In the current application EGGLIA: Legend of Redcap Offline, there is no way to move saved data.
Excuse me, but thank you for your understanding.

How do I restore my purchase information?

An additional content can be restored from the Restore button on the title screen.
However, please note that your saved data will be lost when you uninstall the app.

The app, EGGLIA:Legend of Redcap Offline, is different from the previous app, EGGLIA:Legend of Redcap. So the purchased data from the previous app can not be restored in the app.

Thank you for your understanding.

Why haven't I received a response to my inquiry yet?

We’re very sorry for the wait. Could you please send us your inquiry again, along with the date you sent it and other pertinent details?


Once you have sent an inquiry, you should receive an automatic response from our address.


If you have not received this response, please check your email account settings and make sure that you are able to receive emails from “”.

What are the best devices for playing Egglia?

iOS System Requirements
OS: iOS 8.0 or later
Free Space: 700MB



Android System Requirements
OS: Android 5.0 or later
Free Space: 350MB

Which residents should I take with me?

Each resident has their own unique skills and morale. Make sure to check each resident’s current morale level and skills when choosing who to bring with you.


Bringing a resident with you will deplete their morale by 10 points, which means a resident must have at least 10 morale to have them accompany you.Morale is replenished automatically over time (by 1 point every three minutes), and it can also be fully replenished by using an elixir. Please note that morale limits are fixed, and will not change no matter how good friends you become with that resident.


Residents that accompany you will find different materials depending on their skills. Once they get an item, an icon will appear in their dialogue. As your Friendship with them improves, their skill level will go up as well. Higher skill levels help residents find more items and increases the amount of coins you can get.


①Seeker → Finds ore and ethereal, along with the occasional treasure.
②Excavator → Finds ore.
③Gatherer → Finds ethereal.
④Harvester → Finds vegetables.
⑤Angler → Finds seafood.
⑥Finder → Finds treasure.
⑦Collector → Finds coins.
(⑦ grants a bonus to coins earned instead of enabling the resident to find items, so it doesn’t cause an icon to display.)

How do I get the hidden Tomtes to appear?

The Tomtes each have their own favorite color, so try decorating your home with furniture of that color. For example, if you fill your home with white furniture, Bianca is sure to pay you a visit in her white dress.

How do I enter a shop?

Tap on a shop or its sign to bring up that shop’s menu. You can also tap on the shop’s clerk to talk to them.

What do the icons above my residents' heads mean?

If a resident has a speech bubble (pop-up) above their head, try going over and talking to them (though of course, you’re also free to talk to them even if they don’t have a speech bubble). Your residents may seem tough, but they actually get lonely very easily.


①”!”  → Resident has a quest.
②”…”  → Resident is troubled by something.
      Talk to them and tap “Request.”
③Heart  → Resident wants to talk to you.
      Hear what they have to say, and you might just be rewarded for it.

What does building an empty house do?

Once you are able to construct empty houses, you may find new characters from species who don’t yet live in your town taking up residence in them. Continue to develop your town, and you should find hints as to how to attract new species.